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Michael Peyton

Michael Peyton

Executive Director

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HELM AG is a family owned company headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. It is a multifunctional distribution company with a deep-rooted history that spans over 120 years.

Today, HELM AG is one of the world’s major independent chemical marketing enterprises with more than 100 subsidiaries, sales offices and participants in over 30 countries.

HELM Fertilizer Corporation was established as a fully owned subsidiary of HELM AG in 1986. Headquarter in Tampa, FL HELM Fertilizer Corp. is responsible for all of HELM AG’s fertilizer activities in the Western Hemisphere.

In the United States, HELM Fertilizer Corp. focuses on the wholesale distribution of dry and liquid fertilizer products through our network of 15 owned and leased river terminals.

Besides fertilizer products we are also providing agrochemicals through our sister company HELM AGRO. Both companies operate from the same office in order to combine the strengths into the agricultural market.